A song from my last full length record “Polarized”
Hope you enjoy. Grab the song here:…

I want to live like a city on fire
I want a voice like a crowded street I want to run without hesitation
I want to run with my own two feet
I want to stand under the streetlights Unafraid when the teargas breaks
I want to move like a demonstration Unafraid and fully awake
I want to riot
Cuz I don’t want to burn out quiet Cmon let’s start a riot
I want to go out fighting
I want a soul like a kerosene cocktail I want a hope that won’t disappear
I want a faith like electric wires Throwing sparks into the atmosphere
I want to walk out to the horizon
I want to stare into the setting sun I want a view like a constellation Oh, I want to feel dangerous
I want to know more than information
I want to do more than just work
I want to be more than education
I want to talk with more than just words