8in8 WEEK 5
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Hold Up The Sky

My name is Luke Dowler and each Monday I write a song on Tuesday I record it and on Wednesday I slap together a video and tweak a mix. This is week 5’s effort.

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Hold Up the Sky is a ballad. Its acoustic. And its an early Valentines Day song for my wife. too sappy? oh well.

the idea is simple. A man will try to hold the sky up for a woman who keeps him in suspense.
Commitment and mystery, failure and risk, faith and hope all wrapped into the mudane everyday stuff of earth. That’s love. Sometimes you look at it and wonder how the heck does this thing even survive and it becomes even more beautiful.

Maybe you can slow dance to it on your 100th wedding anniverssary:)

Some people want everything explained
someone to tell em what to think
They’re so scared to make a mistake
They never do a damn thing

I need a mystery, give me some suspense
A balcony with a Capulet
If we take a risk and we make a mess
that’s all right

CH: I don’t know why you stayed
But here we are
I’ll hold up the sky
you keep me in suspense

V2 Most people want the best things in life
but they don’t want to watch em grow
But all the good things in life take time
The best things come gradual
I need discovery, a new frontier
I have both of them with you right here
I’ll be your peasant or a prince,
I don’t really care

BR: Those people who got all the pictures to prove it
they always have their angles right
but in the pictures, they never show you
what they’re hiding in real life
baby we ain’t gonna hide
no we ain’t gonna hide