Shot with the Iphone4S. This is an impromptu roadside performance set to the Polarized album track GUN.

Polarized is available on iTunes now!

I don’t have much money
And they’re telling me its only getting worse
All of this fear and uncertainty
As if money makes us all secure
Trade a good nights sleep
For plastic dreams
When credit cards and greed are king
Everyone I know
Wants to own the world

You can’t change the world with a gun
You can’t change the world without love
You can hold it back for a little while
But soon the dam will break
What are we all running from
Why are we afraid
(When all the bullets have run out
How will we escape?)

I never had much faith for institutions
It never seemed like much of anything could grow
The one thing that they are known for,
Is people playing God craving control.
There are darker things
Than war machines;
Hidden deep inside of me,
Everyone I know
Wants to rule the world