Montana songwriter Luke Dowler West EP

‘Superficially, West is an E.P. of five captivating and catchy songs. Dig a little deeper, and it becomes apparent that Luke Dowler is an acute observer of what it means to be both profoundly human and deeply spiritual. The visual imagery elicited through the poetry of the lyrics, coupled with a delivery that is honest and emotional, challenges the listener to consider some of life’s most complex questions as well as provides a safe space within which to answer them.’

– Nightmair Creative

‘If you like pure, passionate singer-songwriter rock, you’ll love this album. The first three selections are pure perfection, and the EP offers a diverse collection every fan of rock music needs on their new music radar’.

– RARAS farm

‘These new songs from Lukes newest EP ‘West’ are the best he’s produced yet…And so ‘West’ seems to show a new ‘all grown up’ version of Luke Dowler. Luke has discovered his groove, his soul and his heart and this is the most complete album from Luke yet.’

– Screaming

‘The five song project is part emotional stripped down compositions, part experimental progression..

If anything this is cool..’