Compared To You

Luke Dowler compared to you album artwork cover worship

“The morning sun is just a taste of the light you make when you shine on me.

The ocean waves paint the coast just like the way that your ghost paints me.”

Sometime in late 2008 I was at a church meeting when a traveling preacher, from the stage, told me to do whatever it took to contact Kevin Prosch. If it sounds like the beginning of a long journey, it was.

I was aware of the songwriter Kevin Prosch and held him in high regard because my circle of friends spoke of him as a legend and some of my favorite artists called him a major inspiration. But I had only heard a handful of his songs. His Ethan Johns produced “Black Peppercorns” album was a favorite of mine and still is. For weeks I thought about the idea of contacting Kevin, and even discovered that he had moved to Amarillo Texas and started up a recording studio and music co-op. That was as far as I would take it though. I didn’t have the money for travel and I quickly forgot about the whole thing.

Fast-forward a year and a half to Christmas time 2009 and I stumbled upon an email address for Kevin. I decided to send him a short email of introduction and my phone number. 2 days later I received a phone call from Kevin inviting me to travel to his studio and record. After coming up with all the cash needed, my band and I hopped in a Chevy Suburban, graciously donated by dear friends, and made our way to the panhandle city of restaurants, Amarillo, TX.

The band was a quick throw together of great friends. Kevin liked to track all at once, which I was unprepared for, being used to the layered approach. I flew in my bass player Phil Hicks from Minneapolis. He was playing in various projects and has since moved onto the critical darlings LEAGUES. On guitar I had my friend Tim Torgerson who is an accomplished singer songwriter himself. My wife Jacy took on the majority of BGV’s and my long time touring mate Tony Croteau pounded out the back-beats.

We had a a great 2 weeks tracking this album. Kevin has an incredible ear for natural tones and was a blast to get to know. but I was staying in a house with cats, which I am very allergic to. That combined with a hay-fever allergy because of the springtime Amarillo air to give me a sinus infection. So of course the day we were scheduled to track vocals I was hit the hardest and had no voice. I tried to power my way through, probably damaging my vocal chords for good, with cold meds, health store remedies and sips of a hot water/lemon/whiskey concoction in between takes. Listening through rough mixes on the drive back to Montana, I remember telling Tony that I didn’t even remember the 2-3 days of tracking vocals.

The final project was a collection of straight forward worship songs. My two favorites are “Middle of July”, which was a spontaneous song captured in the studio and “Show Yourself”, inspired by the story of Peter on the beach. “Psalm 130” was featured in SongDiscovery. And I made 2 music videos, one for the title track and one for “Never Changes”.

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