I wanted to take a few words to set up this new song.

this song is special and has become an anthem for the season of life I’ve been in. For some of you reading, it makes perfect sense to release a worship song and for others, its left field; especially because I don’t have any other songs like this planned to release soon. But I have always been really good at confusing people about what I do. so Let’s see how much more confusing I can make this!

I wrote this song on the front end of what turned out to be the hardest few years of my life so far. I lost the ability to stand and perform, tour and function in real life. I ran from the pain, I embraced it, and almost lost myself in the process.

For a while I stopped wanting to write songs like this song. Maybe it was ambition, or out of disgust for seeing behind some curtains, or maybe it was out of necessity; most likely its been a concoction of them all combined.   So writing batches of songs like this didn’t feel authentic to my life. Sure, the songs were still rolling around in there. I’d stumble onto one every now and then and sing them for no one else but an empty room at home.

Songs are like these digital sticky notes with a volume knob. I sometimes write songs to remind myself truth. Sometimes I write them to pull myself out of a hole and sometimes to slay myself into one.

This one is a bit of both.

I wanted to remind myself that no matter what, God was in control. And even in the season of pain that I was in, He was more than able and faithful to do something great with my life. So I wrote about 75% and met up with a new friend on tour in Australia, Joe Lyon. He helped me finish it but I kind of tossed it to the side and forgot about it for the last couple years.

Flash forward to 2017, weeks before surgery I felt some hope creep back into my bones and I asked Solomon Ray over at Fresh Life Church to help me produce the track. He graciously accepted and quickly went to work laying the song’s backdrop down (and did a fantastic job ). I asked my wife to sing on it because her voice is a weapon and a waterfall. For those of you who know what Im talking about know what I’m talking about. She has the special sauce!

This song felt special. But regardless, now that I am able to function, this song seems like the best way to kick-start this next chapter in 2017.

If you are in a season of pain or confusion, I hope you find comfort in the thought that God is more than able and always faithful.
Happy Easter everybody!

2 thoughts on “New Song and Chapter 2

  1. I love this song, you both bless me immensely. Thank you for this song, It shows your character after the pain season you have endured to sing he is sovereign over all is remarkable. Keep it up, God’s got this next season of favor and prosperity…Gary

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