Hey everybody, so I started a podcast. It’s been something that I have often found myself wishing I had done so I woke up on a Monday morning one week and said, “that’s it… I am doing it. ” I sent a few emails out to friends and the conversations started piling up.

The name of the podcast is DOWLERCAST and the whole point of it is to talk with makers and creators about the struggle and the joy found in chasing after a dream to create. It’s been therapeutic. inspiring and so much fun. I have talked with musicians, filmmakers, producers, composers, studio owners, festival promoters, actors, WWE hopefuls and (I hope) so much more. My hope is that future artists and makers and any listeners will take something valuable away from it. I really can’t wait to get these conversations out to you guys.

Episode 1:
With that said, I decided to release this as the first episode because my buddy Scott Brownson has a Kickstarter that is expiring in two days. He’s a songwriter husband and father who with his band Pivitplex made one of the criminally underrated CCM albums in the 2000’s. For 40 years his pops has run a Christian Summer Camp in the mountains outside of Billings MT. Since moving away from Nashville, Scott has now settled into a position there at the camp as the resident musician guy. He has been releasing solo albums and now he is all set to record an album of songs inspired by and for camps.

Since I have the opportunity to be a resident bonfire musician every summer on Flathead Lake for such a cool group of kids and staff, I get to witness the impact something like this can have. It’s always a blast and of course you can’t beat the view.

I am excited for Scott and the crew that he has ready to work on this album. So be sure to check out his music and Kickstarter campaign at:

1. http://www.scottbrownson.com/
2. Scott’s Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/scottbrownsonmusic/camp-songs-original-worship-songs-inspired-by-summ

Have a listen, let us know how we can improve the podcast. Or if you or someone you know should be a guest: email at

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