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The date is booked.  I am going to record a live record on October 5th at Caseys in Whitefish MT.  I am going to need to get as many voices in the crowd as I can which will be a challenge for a Wednesday night but I know it’s gonna work out great.  This is something I have been wanting to do again for years.  I will write more in a few days when I have the graphic for the flyer.


Also I started going back in my demo and song idea files and I have decided to start finishing the songs.  Its going to feel great when its done.  like a messy room finally clean. I’ll keep you posted.  so far 3 done. I think there are things brewing on the musical inside that are reminding me of when I first started out years ago.  you start out with a vision for something and you move towards it and along the way you make adjustments and decisions that can lead you away from the very thing that you started out to do.  Its time to get back to the heart of it all. more on that soon too.

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