Round 3 of filling up my site with personal positivism.

I am writing this right after the last post because I didn’t want to forget to mention two people.  I am thankful for 2 dudes; My best friends: Tom Attard and Ryan Reed – in no particular order.


One is a super genius with a sick sense of humor and one is a, well he is Tom Attard. If you know these two, your life is better off for it.  Tom will challenge what you think you know about faith and grace and love and God by being completely and honestly transparent.  These days honesty is hard to find.  Tom will sit around a bonfire and widdle you a canoe, drinking you under the table whilst singing old gospel tunes.  Ryan will drop everything to help out someone in need and feel bad because he couldn’t do more. He is a man of enviable character. He fields calls all day long from people wanting something from him.  He doesn’t get bitter, or at least ‘that’ bitter 🙂 He listens, he cares and oh yeah, he flies a mother effing helicopter.

I don’t know anyone like these guys. We don’t get to hang as much as have, but these two dudes have blessed my life immensely.

Merry Christmas.



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