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I am heading to Australia for 3 weeks of tour. Most people love to travel, but not everyone loves the process.  The long lines and early mornings.  the security checks and strip searches.  The  airport food and prices or the way a Bus smells and long hours sitting in the same position after devouring 15 pounds of dough in a CinnaBon.   Imagine a week of planes trains and automobiles, just like the movie.  Well that is what I get to do this coming week.. except I don’t have the pleasure of doing it with John Candy or Steve Martin.

It is going to take me almost 1 week to get from my house to Brisbane.  I have a few shows in the US before I leave… so it added a few days of travel time, but even without the trek would be a long one.

this is how much I love what I do, and how much it takes to do it.

Leave this Thursday at 7am – 13 hour train to Minot North Dakota to play 6 shows in 3 days

Monday 6 am flight to Denver

then Denver to Seattle

then Seattle to San Francisco

then San Francisco to Sydney

Arrive Wednesday in Sydney, fly to Brisbane

Car rental in Brisbane Drive hour and a half to the Festival

1pm check in Thursday

Lovin it. that is a lot of time to read, write and try to fall asleep but never quite get there. I want to hear from all of you jet setting travel lovers. what is the worst travel story you have.. Lets commiserate with funny stories about cramped spaces, cancellations, fees, and bad food!

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