I am so excited to be heading Down under for the first time in 12 years. I will be performing at EASTERFEST and other dates being booked as I type. I will be playing every day of the 4 day festival and travelling between the Brisbane are to Sydney. This wasn’t something that was on the initial 2015 plan but I was completely honored to be asked to perform alongside bands like Switchfoot, Red, john Mark McMillan and so many more. Here is the thing: some expenses are covered with performance fees but travelling is expensive and it would be incredible to be able to bring home some bacon instead of a souvenir jar of Vegemite.

I have commissioned 2 new items in my merch store to help fund some of the tour expenses. You can see them here:

OR here:


The first is a Montana State ornament and the 2nd is a Sasquatch ornament that I actually use as a keychain. I spent way too much time typing descriptions at the actual store… so you should read them over there:) They are both cut from steel and hand polished in our Northwest HQ. They would make a great gift and certainly would be great knowing that you helped send me down under.

thanks so much for all of your support. P.S. I can’t wait for you to hear the new music!

Live Simple. Love well.

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