This last tour through the southwest was a great excuse to warm up from the cold winds that frequently blow through Montana in january. Just before I left I was asked if I could add a date to the trip. The only catch was that I would have to take a flight to North Dakota to perform for an event in Minot. It meant I would need to drive 14 hours to make my flight, then hop off the plane, head straight to the event and make a 14 hour train ride the next day home.

I happily jumped at the chance. The reason? because it was an event put on by a non profit .org called 4Her North Dakota. The .org was started and is run by a fiery woman named Windie Lazenko. She has used her story of overcoming the sexual exploitation early in her life as a catalyst for change in so many other people’s lives.

I wrote the song Silence is Shameful and released it online with a video a few years back. She has told me that the song and video helped give her the courage and to begin sharing that story.

The event featured Windie’s 2014 interview with Lisa Ling for CNN. It showcased Windie’s work to combat the effects of a surplus of money, men and sex workers in the oil boom areas.
After the short interview the 30 minute film CandyShop was shown. The film is disturbingly engaging and, in my opinion, is one of the best things Ive seen used for trafficking awareness.
A question and answer time followed the film and was capped afterwards by my concert.
It was an honor to be a part of a community that is in need and has someone there who set her life on fire to fill that need.

Underneath the stormy waves of Record sales and recognition, there is a truth that holds me steady. This stuff matters. And as an artist, these are the types of things I am most proud of….but still….please buy my records. 🙂

thanks for reading.

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