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this is a love song. its an adventure.



V1. Look what we’ve found

When everything stopped moving

all the ups and downs

somehow we made it through them

Put all your cards on the table

I will follow suit

I’m willing and able

To start again with you (brand new)


V2. Wherever we’re going

Everywhere we’ve been

We’d never have known it

But I wouldn’t change a thing

And if you think that I’m lying

Just watch what I’ll do

I’ll walk out on a wire

because I believe in you


Off we go

someplace to make our own

Off we go

some where we belong


BRIDGE: You don’t have to worry

Don’t worry about a thing

Nothing will       break us

we’re stronger than we think


throw off all that binds you

all that holds you down

trouble will find you

but it can’t turn us around

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