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I wanted to put a few thoughts about the album down. In the coming weeks I will profile each song and post the lyrics here as well.

NORTH is a resetting of perspective. It’s the 2nd of the Compass Series. Some of these are love songs. Some of them came wrestling with shadow and light; angels and devils.   This record feels like the most personal thing that I’ve done since Compared To You.  After a year of head down in the books and dirt, it is 25 minutes of looking up to move forward.

I put it together in my basement with a few hundred hours of learning how to be an engineer. I’ve always loved the studio and the process of recording music.  Some of it comes natural but far more comes as a labor.  I ended up writing and tracking everything myself.  then spending hours with my ears trying to learn how to mix.  After I got them to a point I considered releasing them unplugged.  But around June I asked Ben Summers to come over and track drums. once he did I knew the record had to have his contribution.

I planned on releasing this a lot earlier this year.  But honestly, I almost didn’t release this album at all because this year was supposed to go much differently.

Earlier this year I lost feeling in my right leg right before a show.  I was on the road for the last scheduled date with my band.   All the guys who had been playing with me were moving away  to make new lives.  We had a few shows left, so that night in Great Falls Montana we set up to play the street festival.  That’s when my back seized up and left me almost paralyzed for a day and a half.   I was pretty scared.  I managed to drive home after a couple days in bed and after some doctor visits and an MRI was recommended surgery.

Then as planned, all the band members moved away to make a new life leaving me scratching my head.  I had no idea what I was going to do seeing as I had just once again started to make some booking headway with the band and doors were opening. festivals and gigs were coming, but 2 steps forward 5 steps back.  I felt left behind. My touring had alienated me from any type of social schedule. My health was in awful shape. I had no one to bro down with, no invitations to respond to, no one to share what I was going through.

So Why release another album.  what was the point?   I was feeling sorry for myself, which is the ugliest form of selfishness. There’s never any satisfaction from it.  It repels people. It makes you ungrateful for what you have. and towards those you love.  It sours you.

I couldn’t let this spiral any further.  I don’t care about what the circumstances look like; I decided to be thankful in all things.  I have so much to be thankful for.

I may have done most of the music part of this record, but if it wasn’t for so many people I wouldn’t be able to be doing this.  So many people have invested in me and inspired me to be something that I couldn’t be on my own.  I have a small but incredible group of fans and friends. You guys have supported me and for that I am grateful.  My family has put up with the ‘broody’ nature of the artist.  lol. Thanks for walking with me over the years.

I owed it to myself, to you and these songs to put them out. So yeah, I don’t  have a marketing budget, or a record label. Don’t need one. if you are reading this, you are my label and publicity.

Alone but not abandoned. Struck down but not destroyed. I almost quit, but I didn’t….


thanks for reading.






  1. King Of Fools 3:50
  2. You Are My Home 4:14
  3. Orphan Spirit          4:01
  4. The Edge 5:00
  5. North Star 4:14
  6. Off We Go 3:46

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