I’ve been writing a lot of tunes lately and tracking them at my studio… The Unfinished Basement, so when Andy at Good Outlaw Studios  asked me to  compose something for a book trailer he was working on f called The River of Bones (written by Angela J Townsend), I was kind of in the right place and right time to get on it.  Jacy and I have been working on something more focused as a side project and her voice fit perfectly. I have always said she has a better voice that I do… and it shines on this I think.

this is the only full version as the Book Trailer version got chopped up a bit for dramatic purposes. Have a listen and let us know what you think.. we’d love to get this one out there! Maybe someone else like the history channels ‘Vikings’ needs a new promo song….

5 thoughts on “Death is Gonna Lay His Icy Cold Hands….. Full Version

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