I decided to make an effort to watch a Christmas themed movie every day the month of December. There are a lot of movies that probably could and should be on the list, but these are the ones that I decided on. Some are there for sentimentality sake and others for curiosity. Why don’t you join me? HERE ARE THE FIRST 10! I tried to build into ones that I really like. There are classics that didn’t make the list. Let me know what I missed below!

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Dec 1st:  Grumpy Old Men – This movie is exactly what the title says it is. It’s also something to aim for in old age.

Dec 2nd:  Iron Man 3 – It’s a new release and oddly themed Christmas, but I will throw it in this year. Shane Black is so inappropriate with his constant use of Christmas in his movies…. but I will still watch them.

Dec 3rd: The Family Man – I know it’s a double whammy with arguably the best actor in the universe, Nic Cage and the director that made Fox have to create an Xmen world that includes time travel – Brett Ratner. But it’s a feel good family flick. And I am a sucker for those. Add an emotional montage set to One by U2 and dangit Ratner! you got me.

Dec 4th:   Four Christmases – This one isn’t great but I am a Vince Vaughn fan, so sue me. He makes this one work, and its worth it just to rev up the Christmas engines to watch this one.

Dec 5th:  Love Actually -This is the first night that I will actually love one of the movies I am watching.

Dec 6th: Long Kiss Goodnight – Shane Black, Samuel L Jackson and Geena Davis. A trifecta of amnesiatic Christmas action. I loved this one when I first saw it.

Dec 7th: While You Were Sleeping – Oh Lonely Lucy stalking Bill Pullman. I had a huge crush on Sandy growing up. This cemented my crush and The Net killed it.

Dec 8th: Gremlins – My mom never let me watch this one growing up. In turn, it never grew on me. This year I am going to give it one more chance.

Dec 9th: Arthur Christmas – I didn’t really like this one, but I will give it another try. Some Christmas movies grow on you.

Dec 10th: Batman Returns – Danny Devito killed it in this movie. And Michelle Pfeiffer is still a super star in my book because of this movie. And let’s not forget Christopher Walken!

11 Trapped In Paradise – Nic Cage again, but with Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz. A 90’s sentimental robbery comedy. A plate of Cage losing it onscreen at Christmas time? …I’ll have seconds please.

Dec 12th:  The REF – Have I ever told you how much I love Dennis Leary? Kevin Spacey too? It’s like a Christmas therapy session at gunpoint. The comedy comes fast and sharp in this one. Here are the first 10 minutes.

Dec 13th: Jingle All The Way – Sinbad and Schwarzenegger finally on screen together. But Phil Hartman like usual steals the show. This movie is not great, in fact isn’t there a midget fight? Alas, I still have to get my TurboMan doll fix.

Dec 14th:  The Santa Clause – I have this one on VHS still, but alas no way to play it. Tim Allen’s best movie as a leading man. It was an instant classic in my house.

Dec 15th:  Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Writer Director Shane Black is on here a lot. He pretty much cheats and makes all of his films include Christmas. But he had me at Downey Jr. This is easily one of my favorite films in any category.

Dec 16th:  Scrooged – Mr Murray, do your thing. And bring on the late 80’s excess.

Dec 17th: DOUBLE FEATURE Muppet Christmas Carol and Charlie Brown Christmas – Michael Caine is a great choice to play the infamous Scrooge, but I love this one for the interplay between Rizzo and Gonzo…ahem…. Charles Dickens. AND Charlie Browns Christmas has my vote for BEST Christmas movie soundtrack.. Yes over White Christmas. don’t be a hater.


Dec 18th:  DOUBLE FEATURE: Die Hard and Die Hard 2  – From Skycrapers to airports…. “Ah what the hell, Its Christmas” and ‘Yippy Kye Yay” Die Hard might be my favorite Christmas movie. And like your best friend’s girlfriend, you have to invite her to the party also, so I will watch 2 also.

Dec 19th:  Christmas Vacation – Can anyone say “Randy Quaid’s best movie”? I wish I got Christmas Bonuses that gave me daydreams.

Dec 20th:  Lethal Weapon – This one is a classic. It might be my favorite buddy cop movie duo.  Mel gets to release his crazy and Danny plays the part of ‘too old for this’ cop, father and husband.

Dec 21st:  DOUBLE FEATURE: Home Alone & Home Alone 2 – No holiday season would be complete without little Macaulay doing the aftershave scream and watching him take down 2 bandits, twice.


Dec 22nd:  Elf – Ferrell was on point here and its rounded out by James Caan holding the fort down.  Random Narwhal Alert!

Dec 23rd:  Polar Express – This movie summed up the magic of christmas in childhood. The visuals are great and in my opinion it outweighs Zemeckis other Christmas film with Jim Carrey, The Christmas Carol.

Dec 24th:  Animated Frost The Snowman, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, and any other Rankin/Bass claymation I can find on ABC Family. These will forever be played in the background of all my Christmas Eve celebrations. From Burl Ives as a snowman to The Burger Meister Meister Burger and the Abominable Snow monster. Brings a tear to my eye. Here is an EPIC trailer cut of Rudolph.

Dec 25th: Every Harry Potter Movie and Lord of The Rings.  – “There is just never enough time in the day.” I am pretty sure the coiner of that phrase had this day in mind when he quipped such. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Possible Subs::

Should I have included any of these and why? The Terminal, Catch Me If You Can, Nightmare Before Christmas, Reindeer Games, Ghostbusters 2, and Enemy of the State, You’ve Got Mail, Sleepless In Seattle, It’s a Wonderful Life, Christmas Story, Miracle of 34th Street, Holiday Inn, Meet Me in St Louis, and White Christmas.

2 thoughts on “25 NIGHTS OF CHRISTMAS MOVIES – 2013 version

  1. I wasn’t a fan of the Polar Express. Why is Tom Hanks every character? The only redeeming factors were the visuals and the Hot Chocolate song, other than that…meh.

    I would add Jim Carrey’s Grinch over that any day.

    1. Fair enough, we are on polar opposites in this instance tho. I thought Tom Hanks playing all the characters was pretty essential. The movie is basically about wonder and belief, so its a child’s Christmas dream. In my mind, Hanks introduced as the kid’s father and then playing all the masculine characters not only makes sense, but also doesn’t distract from the real main character which is – childlike belief. I thought that if The characters were voiced by other actors, it would make it distracting to the magic of the dreamstate. It would have then become about a real place and real characters. Hanks played sort of an multi characterized, omnipresent Santa .. lol … and I actually cannot stand Jim Carrey’s Grinch. Might be one of my least favorites ever.

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