I know in today’s world everyone is asking you for money, be it the tax man or the trash man…(Hey! A trash man has gotta earn a living too) With my project I am asking people invest into me more than a CD or a radio campaign, and that’s scary if it doesn’t happen….


But I wanted to highlight some projects/people that I feel are worth investing into.  I wanted to step  outside of my own project and my own need and spotlight some investment opportunities.  I can easily spotlight these friends of mine…. So though it may seem off course, or detrimental to my own campaign … check these guys out:



Here is a hometown Montana girl with dreams of making a career out of modeling. Isn’t it worth investing into people that can be positive role models in such industries? Rather than just complaining about the lack of character of those who have made a public career?



Here is a woman who has dreams of stopping human trafficking and in this season will be working with IEmpathize in the areas in North Dakota that have seen major increases of sexual and abuse and trafficking since the oil boom took off a few years back.  She is a dedicated force set to demolish the garbage of human trafficking.



Here is a good friend’s project focusing on a quirky comedic journey of a handful of characters as they try out for a national talent show. Great comedy speaks to society by pointing out the absurd, the hypocritical, and the mundane. It highlights insecurities so we can laugh at them and then deal with them rather than stuff them in the closet and pretend we have it all together. Great Comedy connects us and motivates us to do better as a society. This particular comedic project touches on our society’s obsession with fame. I am hoping that it will be great:)



Jacob is one of my favorite people ever. Always a friend and a man of great character.  He has a dream to start a moving company for the truckless via online and digital app, which doesn’t make sense up in Montana because everyone has a truck BUT in the cities this thing could be a hit…  Regardless,  I believe in this man.


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