This is the last song of the goal I made to write a song on Monday,
track on Tuesday and release via Youtube on Wednesday for the first 8 weeks on 2013.
I really wanted to share these with you. I can tell you that it was a difficult goal.
It was difficult to force myself to finish a thought and record it decently enough for other people
to listen. Shoot a video, all in 3 days. I am writing a blog or two on the process and songwriting.
So more on that later.

this song is a painting and a metaphor. Van Gogh is one of my favorite artists. I can’t explain why I have
the emotional response I do to his work, but I love it. I had the idea to write this song as if I was
a painter. And in some ways this song is my 3 day audio attempt of something like his Cafe at Night.

as cliche as it sounds….I think People spend thier whole life looking for love. and we like to chase after strange
half loves. As you get older life can pile up on you.  That can leave you feeling like real
love is far off and settling for the temporary. But I dont think real love is ever far off.
The heart of God is for people to be living freely and powerfully which won’t happen until they know the real love that burns like a fire. and The fire still burns…..


HUGE DEBT of Gratitude to Mike Murray who helped by offering sweet ideas and playing the best chair I have ever heard. Go buy his CD!!

the video features none other than the Australian Workout Instructor – Overton Smiggles
check out his myspace and friend him here: http://www.myspace.com/195165781


a pilgrim in the alley
a prophet on the street
signs and wonders follow
all those who believe
sometimes you feel like David
who danced before the Lord
sometimes you find a lover
and you pass out on her floor
the neon sign blinks her eyes
and calls in all her converts
travelling hearts become baptized
here your free to wander

Firewater Revelation
In the temple of temptation
the fire still burns
but not so big and bright
Used to be young in another life

the drama and the beauty queens
are taking offers for their company
the bar rats seem to take their shot
as if it might be the last one they got
the invitation always stands
as the weary hearted pile in
the jukebox cancels out the pain
until tomorrow you’re unrestrained

grace faith sex and love
underneath the midnight sun
any virtue you might want
until tomorrow comes

but the fire still burns……..

Firewater Revelation
looking for some sweet salvation
the fire still burns but not so big and bright
Used to be young in another life
Firewater Revelation
Looking for some sweet salvation
the fire still burns but not so big and bright
used to have love in another life


One thought on “8in8 – Week 8 "Firewater Revelation"

  1. Luke – Another amazing song!. Thank you for putting these together an sharing them with all of us. So…where and how can I buy all eight???
    Wonderful music!

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