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Week 7




You can watch Week 1-6 here.


This is a song about heaven. This song came about after years of hearing preachers talk about heaven as some far off place in the distance, in the by and by.  Honestly, I don’t know exactly what it’s going to be or look like when I die but any ideas that encourage me to focus my life solely on the day when I check out; misses the point IMO.     So rather than saying we are almost there  and one day everything will be better or even looking at the world as being one misstep from damnation, I wanted to say something about how we are here, right now – and that means the opportunity for heaven to be here, right now exists too. 

My name is Luke Dowler and each Monday I write a song on Tuesday I record it and on Wednesday I slap together a video and tweak a mix. This is week 7′s effort.Thanks for paying attention. There is a lot of music these days so it means alot to me that you have included mine on your menu. It would help so much if you would SUBSCRIBE to the Youtube channel, or SHARE it on your facebook page. The more love you guys show, the further we can take this thing, and the less Macaroni we have to eat.


I know the outcome

I got it outrun

I saw the spilled blood and 

oh my God.

I ran to the top floor

give me something new born, unworn

oh my God


but I can’t walk around in handcuffs, eyelids stapled half shut

waiting for the end to come

with all that we have tasted, how could we just waste it

Like oh my God.



only halfway

we’re only halfway here


V2. look into the future

cell phones and computers

everybody wants the voice of God

looking for prescription

cigarettes and aspirin

everybody wants the hand of God

you ask existential questions, like how to get to heaven

 you’re chasing down the technique

but spinning on this axis, everyone still asking

if heaven was here, if heaven is here, heaven is here

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