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My name is Luke Dowler and each Monday I write a song on Tuesday I record it and on Wednesday I slap together a video and tweak a mix. This is week 6’s effort.

You can watch Week 1-5 here.



Week 6

“College Towns” 

First of all, thanks so much to those of you who have been watching weekly. Thanks for paying attention.  There is a lot of music these days so it means alot to me that you have included mine on your menu.  It would help so much if you would SUBSCRIBE to the Youtube channel, or SHARE it on your facebook page. The more love you guys show, the further we can take this thing, and the less Macaroni we have to eat.


I was only able to make this video because of my friends Dave and Phil who thought my spur of the moment desicion to film this weeks grainy video for an electropop acoustic song in a club might work. Thanks to them, we are coming at you from somewhere other than my studio. p.s. I stayed up until 5 am finishing the lyrics and the mix on Monday night.

I really like this song. I wrote it with Missoula and Bozeman Montana in mind, but it’s also metaphorical.   I love hanging in those towns when I can, and we love playing at colleges when we our on tour. A saturday night in a college town can be electric. Street corner prophets, pilgrims, temples filled up with people looking for the grace of god.  Generally speaking, The next morning home is the only place that anyone wants to be.


I hope that you enjoy iy as much as I did making it.


“College Towns”

The night is young

The future bright

Looking for a miracle

on the streets tonight

Take a chance in this economy

Take my hand

follow me

We’ve been living underground

I think its time to get around

Isn’t it nice

to finally feel

You’re not alone

Isn’t it nice

to know that you

could come back home

We’ll head down south

to college towns

park the car

and join the crowds

streetlights act

as tourguides

we’ll stay up late

and crow all night

We’re Poets on the promenade

asking for a little change

When we shut it down

say goodnight

to the college towns

everbody needs to go home

once in awhile

Isn’t it nice to finally feel

You’re not alone

Isn’t it nice to know that you

could come back home


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