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8in8 Week 4

“Summer Sun”

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So this is a departure from the usual. That is really all I can say about that.
. and since I have a huge production budget from all the records that EVERYONE is buying I put the band back together for this one and shot in full HD. We spent all of last weekend rehearsing the dance routine. I hope that you enjoy it as much as we did dancing it.
I hope you enjoy.

Andrew suggested a theme of summer and the ocean….I didnt write a bridge so I just sang one.
I’ve been listeing to too much frank ocean probably.
Lyrically its more simplified and poppy, but I challenged myself to try to stay in that realm on this song.

Let me know what you like or don’t like about this one.


Summer Sun

V1. Sailing on to summer, an endless july

when we’re together everything is alright

cuz good love is hard to find

harder to leave in the summertime

We can throw our worries out into the ocean

watch the sun set like a golden explosion

blue water, is where we both belong

I’ll bring my guitar and sing you Katy Perry songs


V2. Let’s spend our time like we are millionaires

maybe one day we won’t have to pretend

we’ll look back at where it all began

The summer you and me, we are permanent

We can build a boat sail around the coast

see all the places we’ve never got to go

when the blue sky turns to a late night

Like a Van Gogh we’ll navigate by starlite



No matter what comes

We still have the summer sun

So let’s live it up

Who knows

what tomorrow holds

so hold onto the summer sun

4 thoughts on “8in8 – Week 4 – 'Summer Sun'

  1. Luke you are amazing. Another great song – I really enjoyed it! Great upbeat sound, good melody and lyrics. Thanks!

  2. I think it is full of fun and summer! I particularly love the turtles!! It resonates highly with me as it has been -40 below zero, and I needed to hear something light and happy! You are amazing, each song has been unique! Rock on!!

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