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8in8 -WEEK 3


Hi. I’m Luke. This is the third week in my 8 songs in 8 weeks.  I have been writing a song on Monday,  tracking it on Tuesday and releasing it on Wednesday. This song is the 3rd of the self-imposed 8in8 challenge.  To listen into the first two weeks, click here:

8in8 WEEK 1 

8in8 WEEK 2

Good Enough is a song that came together in one day (one very long day) and with the help of my friend Mike Murray.  He asked me to come to his studio space and track this week’s installment.  I showed up on Tuesday without having really worked on anything since I have been immersed in writing dance pop tunes. No I really have been. And he engineered and offered some cool ideas that turned out really well on this song.

I think most people have had a time when they feel like they were giving the very best of themselves but still unable to please someone else. Lyrically  I wrote the song within the context of a relationship because I wanted to put a face on trying to please everyone all the time. I think the fear of letting someone down or simply not liking you can hijack your life. So the chorus starts off as a question almost apologetically, but ends the song in a giant rhetorical exit scene.

My favorite part is the bidge and the last chorus.  Mike had the idea that I push my vocals on the bridge rather than only falcetto.  and the end chorus turned out really cool.

As for the video.. I wish I had a camera and a little more time, but this is what you get when you have a flip cam with a piece of tape over it for a lens and tour driving footage.  One day hopefully I will get ahold of something to do the 8in8 videos justice.

Thanks for listening in and I would love to hear your thoughts, comments, and if you like it – please share!  You all are the main way these songs can get out there.


V1. Your taking me for a ride

But I’m doing all the driving

I can’t do anything right

But that don’t mean ‘m not trying


CH. So let me know when it’s good enough

when it’s good enough

when it’s good enough for you

Let me know if it’s good enough for you

Let me know if it’s good enough

if I’m good enough

If I’m good enough for you

Let me know if it’s good enough for you


V2. I’d do anything you asked me to

swim across the ocean to Japan

How was I supposed to know that

You’d want to change the things I am

I try to do my best for you

throw myself upon the flames for you

You can’t love someone if you can’t love yourself

so maybe I’m the one to blame


BR: If you won’t set me free

Then I’ll just have to leave


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