8in8 songwriting challenge.



I wrote this song on Monday and tracked it on Tuesday. Today is wednesday and…wait a minute,  we may have ourselves a new Rebecca Black song…but I digress.  I realized just howlittle time that is this first week.  With all of the stuff in life…creating something and putting it in a listenable format because I know I am going to share in two days is a lot of pressure. And then I have to make it video, because Youtube is where you people go to find new music:) So here are my thoughts on this song..I would love to hear yours.

well Its not a happy song. and its a horrible 8in8title screen, but you can either be good at one thing or mediocre at a bunch of things. so in 2 days, to create a title screen, video, write and track a song – the title screen suffered the most.

I wrote this song about addiction. My favorite part is the chorus…so you have to at least listen until the first one.  The chorus sings the regret of ever opening up the thing in the first place along with the regret of what was missed out on up to that point of life. In the bridge there is this question of, can what started out as ‘relief’ can be let go of completely in the future.


I was going to title this song repentance, but the word has been so overly defined that it would have only served to stereotype the song and what I wanted to write about.  Listening back I will probably change lyrics in a number of places, but this is the 8 in 8 song challenge and I have one day to write lyrics so here she is. Hope you enjoy. lukedowler.com


5 thoughts on “8in8 Week 1 – "Sorry"

  1. Luke…Great song, great music. I agree with your comment about the chorus..it really draws me in. I wonder…leaving the question of “letting go of the relief” unanswered…can it be worked out somehow that there is an answer?

    Overall – melody and lyrics, tone and feel all seem to mesh very well in my view. I’d listen to it many times over. Loved it!


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